J.WON hand in the FIR band flew over infinite


Experts to casual fashion brand from the edge wireframe, November 17, 2011 at 9:30 am Jin Cheong International Holdings Limited, office, completed the ceremony in salute and exciting lion dancepull to the valance. Several well-known media, franchisees, the intention of customers dressed, gorgeous start of the ribbon-cutting ceremony in the cheers. 19:00 pm, red carpet shop in the Shishi clothing city extended, on-site atmosphere. Walk of Fame admission ceremony officially started. Jin Chang International invites Taiwan FIR FIR band at J.WON brand new conference-cum-FIR band speak for the signing ceremony, PAT shoes and apparel brand integration store brand market promotion in 2012 spring and summer, no doubt under the spotlight focus. FIR band's debut Jin Chang International "over the unlimited fashion festival", International CEO of Jin Chang Cai Ming for Mr. gifts limited edition fashion casual shoes. The marriage of fashion and quality begins.

It is reported that Jin Cheong International Holdings invites FIR band "spokesmen for the image and aims to rock and roll spirit of the music to the mix and match the fashion brand design advocated by the attitude of change and innovative ideas to pass out . Favorite has won the Music Radio in Taiwan welcome combination, 2010 TOP Top RTHK Annual Most Popular Band "FIR FIR band of the most popular Top Ten hits honor the status quo, no doubt unwilling J.WON attitude, relentless pursuit of the dream, the pursuit of a perfect view of fashion wear and co. And J.WON product show the presence of the guests a taste of a new fashion feast. Pairs of designer effort brought together from the influx of goods, whipped up a whirlwind lifestyle innovation. Music Smart rhythm and vitality of the movement filling J.WON has been the theme.

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