F.I.R Suction gold to double the eight-digit access endorsement will hold a New Year's Eve


The morning of November 17, 2011, Jin Cheong International Holdings Limited office inauguration of valance pull gun salute and exciting lion dance. Several well-known media, franchisees, the intention of customers dressed, gorgeous start of the ribbon-cutting ceremony in the cheers. 19:00 pm, red carpet shop in the Shishi clothing city extended, on-site atmosphere. Walk of Fame admission ceremony officially started. J.WON International invites Taiwan FIR FIR band at J.WON brand new conference-cum-FIR band speak for the signing ceremony, PAT shoes and apparel brand integration store brand market promotion in 2012 spring and summer, no doubt under the spotlight focus. FIR band's debut J.WON International "Beyond the infinite Fashion Festival, International CEO of J.WON Cai Ming for Mr. gifts limited edition fashion casual shoes. The marriage of fashion and quality begins.

It is reported that Jin Cheong International Holdings invites FIR band "spokesmen for the image and aims to rock and roll spirit of the music to the mix and match the fashion brand design advocated by the attitude of change and innovative ideas to pass out . Favorite has won the Music Radio in Taiwan welcome combination, 2010 TOP Top RTHK Annual Most Popular Band "FIR FIR band of the most popular Top Ten hits honor the status quo, no doubt unwilling J.WON attitude, relentless pursuit of the dream, the pursuit of a perfect view of fashion wear and co. The finale performed after the end of the product, the Orchestra of the FIR FIR portrait concert, band members highly recognizable and full of vitality sound fashion concepts advocated by the brand J.WON interpretation of the head, but the entire show to a climax. Activities shine in the sound of cheers, won the praise of the majority of the dealers. FIR of this year attract skill doubled rest Mainland commercial speech, the collapse of a price tag a lot of money so far been performed to break 60 games. Previous lead singer fly more solo endorsement Taiwan bell motorcycle endorsement outstanding achievement, manufacturers continue to overweight. The trio has always been the image of urban fashion, plus the irresistible force of the momentum phase, vendors, invited three endorsement shooting advertising for casual shoes. In order to meet the commercial speech to the formation of the full file FIR, vendors are willing to cooperate to come to Taiwan to film, the higher specification please go to the most well-known advertising director Lam and Zhang Jing, intensive 36 hours of continuous work within two days, to show casual shoes, outdoor Travel feeling FIR trio for two every day is not lit on the yin and yang mountain to greet the first light, Unfortunately, bad weather, it began to drizzle, the mountains the temperature is only 10 degrees, the three should wear spring and summer clothing shooting. Advertising scene Jianning teacher driving a cool jeep carrying the fly screen and Ah Qin, allows Ah Qin suffered headaches, ads have not finished diarrhea pale, but their teeth also Kuzhongzuole laughs and says it will have lost some weight. Going abroad the next day of commercial speech, a knock on the staff emergency please go to an intravenous drip, while the doctor an intravenous drip at the same time the doctor diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis. FIR end of the year will also be held in Guangzhou, New Year's Eve in Genesis, to accompany the fans together to greet the arrival of 2012, the trio is also for such a special concert will actively meeting to discuss and put the words will put fans a fresh feeling!

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