J.WON brand terminal stores the image to take a scientific and standardized management, the national chain of stores operated stores and counters, etc., must be authorized by the company to send someone visits, design, unified visual image, unified decorationstyle, unified shelf Chen cases, and provide a strong brand is the follow-up maintenance and support.

Project inspection
The company will license the operation submitted by the applicant franchise stores application form, the marketing plan (including the local market analysis reports, store marketing plans, personnel management plan) for analysis and assigned a market officers to examine, and make the store counter investment analysis report.

Image design
For the applicant's actual store, counter situation, the most reasonable design, display shelves and cases for every franchisee to provide the entire series of Chen to adapt to the requirements of the Company C workers to unify the brand image.

Business guide
New store opening, the marketing department personnel will store personnel, goods Chen cases such as a range of services training.

Management training
The store manager training focus is to improve the store's overall image and marketing staff the store manager and clerk goods sales kept training, and will always carry out as a long-term work.

To promote the image of
The company is advertising in magazines, newspapers and other media as well as from time to time in the subway, squares and other outdoor venues on a regular basis and to assist the maintenance of season sales and marketing of various shops and exclusive cultural activities of the long-term.

Preferential policies
Each year the relevant preferential policies into: exclusive agent, opened the gift, the priority supplier to grant the special contribution award of excellent shops.