J.Won enterprise focused on the footwear development and production for many years, the quality and excellence;
Stability of the footwear production technology, professional R & D design team, as well as Youjia a wealth of supply chain resources;
With the same name as its own brand, with years of hands-on experience of the brand operation and management, extensive channels of resources;
Enterprises have gradually career forum related to multiple areas of production research and development, fashion brand, operations management, real estate, media.
Brand: footwear brands and always maintain the original design philosophy, adhere to the outdoor recreation style, a huge potential market space; · After years of cumulative to "JWON ', named after the chain store has expanded across the country market more than 700;
Have a good reputation in the market and has many of the media to promote resources.

design value for money, life,
Study the philosophy of moving customers.
Travel sentiment: the international perspective, the global synchronization of popular resources.
Oriental elements: the pursuit of their own culture, consultation release by the Western context.
Music Complex: a source of inspiration for designers keen and will never disappear.